Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, vereinigtes Deutschland! 30 Jahre! Irre, wie schnell die Zeit vergeht… Und schon klinge ich wie meine Eltern und Großeltern. Darum vielleicht auch die Überschrift, die mich daran erinnert, dass die Jugend schon ein paar Jahre her ist.

If you are in business — let’s suppose you are, whether you’re in business for yourself or employed — then chances are you have been making plans for the new year. Let’s also assume that your plans for 2019 include strategies on how to improve your success rate. And since nearly every business these days is global, we aren’t far off to deduce that your plans include being a global success.

As you grow in your professional role, the skills which got you into your position won’t be the same skills which will elevate your global career. Add to that some of the learned behaviors that most of us pick up over the years and which aren’t particularly helpful when doing…

Imagine a scenario similar to this: At work you sit next to someone whom you went to college with and one cubicle over you find a co-worker who spent their youth traveling around the globe. The global nature of the world economy is a fact that no-one can ignore anymore…

is mostly a cultural question

Six months into her new assignment Stefanie Müller realized that things weren’t going as well as she had anticipated when she relocated from Düsseldorf to Atlanta. She took over as EVP of sales and marketing at the North American subsidiary of a global precision engineering company. Unlike at the home…

Christian Höferle

Coach to Decision Makers • The Culture Guy • Closing your Culture Gaps • Challenging your notion of “normal” • IQ+CQ+EQ=ICE-Q •

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